Thursday | January 27, 2022


The heart break that was felt amongst the One Direction fandom at the realisation of Zayn Malik’s departure from the internationally renowned boy band has gradually diminished, but conflicted views still linger. For one hour the hashtag ‘#bringbackzayn’ was the most popular internet topic of all time and British media companies had a spike of hundreds of thousands of dollars within 24 hours of Malik’s exit from the band. Although Malik has confirmed that he quit to be able spend more time with his fiancée, Pierre Edwards, (whom is hypocritically still a member of the popular British girls group, Little Mix) and be more ‘family focused’, a wider view of the situation can lead to other unanswered questions. According to Forbes magazine the net worth of the One Direction band members and franchise pounds (approximately $30.1 million Australian dollars). Much thought and planning by managers, futurologists and representatives must have gone into preparing for this momentous economic and personal shock to fans and the wider pop culture community. This makes one question whether decisions were made and contracts were signed months before the initial release of Malik’s departure and to whether the decision was his alone. Zayn leaving was sad but reasons as to how the band will forward even at this compromise will be something to watch over the coming year and could even be featured in their fifth studio album. The fan base still shows much interest in his life without One Direction but #bringbackzayn will always lay within our hearts.

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