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Rewind to 2014- Triathlon


Triathlon 2014

Every year, a large amount of BCC students pile upon 2 mini buses, and head towards a place called Penrith, to compete in a sport, commonly known as a triathlon.

The reality is, that is exactly what it was. We were a large amount of students wanting to spend our Friday doing a competitive sport and have a fun day with friends.

Having the oppourtunite to be at school at 5:30 in the morning (I know, unbelievable) was a weird thing to observe. The exact same people you see every day, but a completely different perspective. Most people had bloodshot eyes, from the lack of sleep, and most people were silent or at least quiet when piling onto the mini buses.

For two hours and a half, we travelled down to Penrith. On the buses, you had to squish. You really did. You could call it bonding time.

(On a personal note, my legs began to shake in a really bad way when I saw the sign of the arena. Now, that is bad.)

Reaching to arena, (for a second time for me), I should have felt more comfortable. I didn’t. After everyone had gotten off the buses, (and people had to get out the back door instead of the front, and gosh, that sound, that sound of the door is the worst) and after everyone had stretched, we began to unload the bikes and wheel them to the bike change over. Not everyone had to do that, so people did what they needed to do, if that was putting their bikes on the changeover, like me, or simply putting bags down at our allocated spot and waiting until 12:30 for the team races to begin. (It was 8:30, bit of a wait, eh?)

My race began at 9:30, intermediate girls. I was versing 16 year old girls, (and yes, this means I was versing Chloe Hartnett, I know, I get sympathy now, right?) There were 7 of us, and we were about to tackle an enduring sport which will test us, physically and mentally.

Can I just say, the weather, was a bit gloomy and getting in a lake, which looked like a swamp, and smelled like a drain, wasn’t my first priority. All 7 of us had to. As we began to say goodbye to the Intermediate boys, it was our turn to jump in.


Gosh, it was cold.

Then the hooter went off, and you are swimming.

When you are in that water, you rethink why you wanted to do an individual triathlon, but then you realise someone is on your tail, and if that person comes past you, you may be coming last.

So I continued.

Getting out of the water was a relieving feeling.

Next thing you had to accomplish was a hard thing called a changeover, which could become your ultimate time consumer.

The first changeover include the swim to the bike. For me, it included being in an adrenaline rush and messing about with my shirt, as it was a zip up, and I was in a bit of a rush.

After the fuss of getting the bike out of the rack, putting your helmet on and having a quick drink, you then begin the bike leg.

The bike leg can be difficult for some and easy for others. For me, it was the easier leg, I had to accomplish.

After the bike leg, many people are tired, distressed, and most of the adrenaline they once felt is gone.

It is not over yet, the last leg is the run. (My legs were wobbling, and I was extremely dehydrated.)

When you pass people on the run, they look terrible. Heavy breathing, pale face, and for most, both shoelaces being untied (including mine), but when you reach the last leg, it is really up to your mental state, then your physical.

Finishing your individual race is a reliving feeling.


I had an hour until the team event was starting. I had the bike leg, and I was excited. My team was prepared.

Shortly after, the call was made for intermediate girls and we made our places. The swim was ready and it was away. I had my bike gear prepared.

A short while after, my swimmer appeared out of the water.

Getting back on that bike was hard and exhausting. I felt better doing it a second time, though.

I had to complete 2 laps of my allocated track and I was finished.

It was now up to my runner to finish my team off.

A short while after, my runner had finished and we had a place of 4th.


After all the team events were finished, BCC, and all the other schools began to pack up, and head toward buses and cars to safety return home.

But, before anyone had begun packing up, BCC was officially announced as becoming 1st place in the CSSA triathlon in the 2nd year in a row. This may have been from the students who came 1st in their division, like Tyler Costolo and Chloe Harnett. Or it could have been the amount of teams that placed in the top 5, in their division, like our Senior Girls Team, our intermediate girls and our intermediate boys team, just to name a few.

As a day, it was really good, and I thank Mr Hall and Mr Reeves for taking the triathlon team down for the day.

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