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John Green Reviews

John Green Reviews

John Green, is a high-acclaimed author and has numerous books that have been best-sellers. These books include the well-known The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Abundance of Katherine’s and Paper Towns. I will be reviewing the books I have read, which sadly enough, isn’t all of them. I have read the most popular books John Green has made and will be, hopefully, continuing my collection on his books.


The Fault in Our Stars

Starting off with one of his classics, TFIOS has been very high acclaimed book and has been loved by everyone around the world. This book appeals to (mainly), die-heart romantics and teenage girls.

Being a person who has read this book and watched the movie I must say, John Green has made this a stunner. With both the movie and the book, we equally as much fall in love with the characters as we do with the storyline.

We fall in love with Augustus and Hazel and what those characters can teach us. With both these characters having cancer, they teach us that life doesn’t last forever and we, as humans, should enjoy the moments we get to spend with the people we love.

Even though these characters are fiction, we walk away after reading this book as if they were real, as if these characters could be our friends, even our best friends. I will make a warning though, the book and movie may make you cry but it is definitely worth a read.


Looking For Alaska

Disturbing, yet satisfying. This book has great characters, and a fantastic plot. This book shows us and reminds us about the struggles about keeping your friends close and in this case, keeping your enemies closer. Alaska, the main character teaches us about love and the pure quality of life. It is a gorgeous story line, very honest and relatable.

This book also contains a big surprise plot twist that no one sees coming until it happens. It is good one to pick up and read. It will make you have a good laugh and may even make you cry a little.

Compared to the TFIOS there is a lot less romance but there are still strong relationships throughout the book. It also has a lot more characters.


 Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a mystery book. It’s quite a fun book to read, and a great one to try and figure out. The story line is a very interesting one and it is a book with a few unexpected twists. It hasn’t got a very obvious romantic story line. Margo the main character is popular and the Quentin is a bit of a loser.

Margo and Quentin are both in Year 12, and finishing school very soon. It is a story line of Margo, being a rebellious teenager that she is, chooses to run away from home and the twist to this book is that she ends up leaving clues for Quentin to find., that will lead to her.

Love, is what binds Q (as his friends call him) to Margo, and progressing into the book, Margo then turns into his life and his only passion is to find her.

What we then find at the end, makes us feel a mixed bunch of emotions – leaving you feeling sad, happy and having a quite confused look on your face.


Abundance of Katherine’s

In this book, you will be introduced to a 19 year old boy called Colin Singleton. The book is based on his girlfriends of the past. In total he has been dumped by 19 girls, all by the name of Katherine, hence the name of this book.

This book is an interesting sort of book to pick up and start reading due to the fact of its nature and the plot it has. Abundance of Katherine’s, though, does portray an ultimate comeback- which shows how people can prove what they are made of and how they make a name of themselves. We first meet Colin in the book first who is beginning to realise he may need to do something with his life. Colin had just left high school with high honours of being a valedictorian.

He leaves school with knowledge beyond any other person’s capability. The only issue he has is that it is not what he truly needs at this time of his life. Or to Colin, what he really wants.

Colin wants companionship, with a girl. 19 times too many, though. His friend, Hassan decides he needs a road trip to escape his present realisation. They then reach a place called, Gunshot Tennessee. They then find a job and Colin then uses his math skills to figure out the course of romantic relationships he has.

Being readers of this book, we learn about how hard it can be being a young adult, and also figuring out who you are and how we can use ourselves to the best of our ability.

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