Tuesday | July 7, 2020

Can of Worms 3

Can 3 - BlankCongratulations to Mr Cameron for correctly guessing Can 2.

Can 1 - Blank

What Am I?

For your chance to win the chocolates put your full name and what you think is in the can in the comments below.

Believe me, its worth it.

First correct guess wins!

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  1. Kyle Denzin Reply to Kyle

    Sun dried tomatos marinated in fresh lobster sauce mixed with kidney beans and cornflakes. Best served with sesame seed bread and red wine.

  2. Isaac Lumley Reply to Isaac

    Fresh Kiwi that’s a few weeks old

  3. Zac Moore Reply to Zac

    Japanese spaghetti…. maybe ahaha

  4. John Smith Reply to John

    Pickled Fingers from the French Revolution, with a side order of HAIR

  5. Daniel Henson Reply to Daniel

    Beans that are baked not fried

  6. Caleb Campion Reply to Caleb

    21 mini sausages

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