Thursday | January 27, 2022

The Roar Effect – Red Day

On Wednesday 17th our school hosted Red Day (yes, the day that you got to see your mates from other schools and that guitar teacher who was wearing a wig), in support of ‘The ROAR Effect’. It was a great day, mainly because it was full of food, lollies, friends, an extra-long lunchtime and music. If you can’t remember what ‘The Roar Effect’ is about then you are not alone.

Well ‘The Roar Effect’ is an Australian hope movement that aims to see teenage suicide eliminated. It’s called ‘The Roar Effect’ because a lion’s roar echoes to a distance of eight kilometres, this organisation wants to create a ‘ROAR that echoes across States, Countries, Communities, Cultures and ultimately Generations.’

The Roar includes:

  • Revolution Red Campaign: What our school did.
  • Roar Effect Events: generally hosted by Youth Groups.
  • Leadership Training Days
  • School Program: A program that runs for 8 weeks, with an “I Roar for” theme.
  • Student Leadership Breakfasts: connecting Student Leaders to one another and giving them the ability to help give courage.
  • Leadership Breakfasts for School Chaplains, Youth Leaders and Community Youth Workers: an opportunity for these Leaders to team up and rally around the cause of giving HOPE.

Suicide is now the major cause of death for young Australians aged 15-24. Never forget the impact you have on those around you. I hope you enjoyed Red Day. Have hope.

For more information go to ‘The Roar Effect’ website.

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