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The ‘Hunger Game’


Hunger Game 2

Does the idea of braving the elements (constant rain), living in a cardboard box, going hungry and tireless work fascinate you? Maybe you should’ve joined us for the Senior School 40 Hour Famine Sleepover. The ‘Hunger Game’ was held from the 20th-22nd of August, and it was a great success, despite the rainy weather. We completed challenges. We built shelters. (We abandoned them as they quickly turned into swimming pools). We collected our water. (Not from the sky, we had to walk ALL the way up to the oval and fill up one bottle at a time). We had to endure Nate’s and Mrs Fraser’s Subway. All the while we tried to earn enough currency to buy a decent dinner.

There were 4 ways to earn currency:

  1. Mining. No, they didn’t send us underground. ‘Mining’ involved separating tiny grains of rice from even tinier grains sand. It was such a gruelling and long process.
  2. Braiding. This required getting 3 pieces of twine and plaiting them together, another 3 and another 3. Then you had to plait the 3 together.
  3. Doing well at school. Everyone had a class card. We got marked out of 10 for focus and effort in class. We didn’t realise that to score well they had to be perfectly filled out and kept pristine.
  4. Recycling. Sounds grand, in reality we collected litter and traded it in.

We couldn’t build our own fires because everything was so wet. So again we collected leaves to earn dry firewood. Attending school was tiring and annoying. The only thing on my mind while in the middle of a science test was sleep (which we didn’t get very much of). The thing that kept us going was probably the promised breakfast on Friday morning. All together, it was an amazing 40 hours. 40 hours to try and understand what life is like in Rwanda. I think we got a bit of a glimpse.

Hunger Game 3

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