Wednesday | May 18, 2022

Ice Me

Have embarrassing and pretty stupid Ice Challenge videos been clogging up your Facebook feed? Well if you are thinking of leaving this article because you have no idea of what I’m talking about here’s the basics of this mystical ‘Ice Challenge’. What people on the Internet do is they douse themselves in ice-cold water to get anyone who bothers to watch the video’s attention. It’s actually not all pointless, it is built on the idea that you are to donate money to a charity, so yeah there is more to it, but I think you’ve got the basics.

There are many positives and negatives to this frostbite prone activity (IMHO I think is it’s a bit stupid), but any of the negative impacts get outweighed because of the viral attention which has led to grand amounts of money being donated from a wide spanning group of people.

Yes, there have been deaths (people can find a way to die from anything) but these people have taken various illegal substances before doing so. It’s pretty harmless.

So people of our blessed nation rise up to the challenge and give to people in need through your momentary suffering. Be bold and get cold!!!

Ps. If anyone nominates me I will hunt you down…



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