Wednesday | May 18, 2022

Facebook Stalking

In this day and age with the use of social media it has become quite common for youth to search for and look at other facebook profiles in order to ‘check em out’. This act has taken up the name of “Facebook Stalking” and is rapidly becoming one of the touchiest subjects for teenagers to talk about. Although some will openly admit to ‘Facebook Stalking’ claiming “its not private if it’s online”, others will take a more cautious approach to the subject, either denying the act of ‘Facebook stalking’ altogether or being careful about how much detail they give away.

To delve deeper into this matter the BCC Loop team has taken it upon themselves to search for the answers to this somewhat touchy subject. We ventured out into the great unknown of the College¬†playground asking various teachers and students, with one goal… To found out the real story behind teens and Facebook stalking.

Do you Facebook stalk? Why? What do you think of it?

Here are our findings.

There you have it folks: “Facebook Stalking is creepy”.

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