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Is Tumblr good or bad?

Is Tumblr good or bad?

In our generation we have so many apps we can use and spend our time on, one of well-known apps would have to be Tumblr.

There are so many different opinions based around this topic, and even though many people might not have an account for Tumblr, there is more of a chance that they have heard of it and might know briefly what it is about. If you are reading this and have no idea what Tumblr is, I will briefly summarise before I begin stating the pros and cons of this particular site. Tumblr is a blog. It’s a place of where you express your needed feelings. This so called website or app allows you to post things. The common things that can be found on Tumblr are pictures or words about guys, heartbreak, quotes about life (my personal favourite), personal pain, food, photography and neat facts.

Actually reviewing this website, there are reasons of why it could be questioned. The most common users are teens. People just like you and I. These people, and if you are a user, you can’t deny you haven’t seen some explicit things and to be honest are not particularly needed on a blog site, for other people to see and share with their friends. Some examples of the explicit things are pictures of different sexual related things, which is something not everyone wants to see.

You also have a wide variety of posts that are related to drugs and the somewhat advertise the ‘high’ you get from taking a drug. It also includes a large amount of violence, this could be from cyber bullying each other. Another form of violence may include a bloody picture or a gif, (a picture that moves) which is something people might not want to come across. Bad language can be conveyed in this website or app. With any social media site it has the same concern on this topic.

After giving you a large dose of why Tumblr is con, or something you shouldn’t really get or have, I should give you to pros to it.

One of the great pros to it is you can express your feelings. Now, if you are someone who has an account on Facebook, which is most of you, there is a high chance you have been annoyed at someone’s stupidity on what they write as a status. On Tumblr, you don’t need to worry about that at all. If you don’t follow them on Tumblr or don’t even have Tumblr, you don’t need to worry about it, because the only person she\he will be annoying is the people who are following them.

To conclude this column, to state whether Tumblr is good or bad, I must say (as I have mentioned) that Tumblr has more bad or unwanted things than it does good, so whether you have Tumblr and love it or have never tried it, your opinion is valid but stating the facts is exactly what I have just done.

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